Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thing # 9

I bacame a Merlin member. This really was the toughest Week for me, so much so that I skipped it and came back. I explored Merlin and Feedster and found some more news feeds of interest. I was able to find several blogposts about my news story of the day which was about Oscar the deathcat.

Thing 6 again

This should speak for itself, hope it works

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

23rd Thing

I'll start out with the negative thoughts first- I always considered myself a somewhat tech-savvy person and a quick learner. 23 Things made me feel stupid!! I found I was often inpatient when I couldn't get things to work the way I wanted them to work. However, on the other hand, I really liked finding out about how much stuff is out there for the taking. I really enjoyed playing around in Flickr and YouTube. I thought the online productivity tools were a very useful thing as an employee and team member needing to communicate with other employees. Overall, it gave me a real sense of how much libraries will be changing as we go forward, even if I can't fathom yet what that will look like. While I may not be able to explain much of what I learned about to someone else, I at least have a sense of what is meant by much of the terminology that surrounds us constantly on the news and at work and in our daily lives. I think I would be very likely to participate if something similar came along.


In spite of the fact that I knew we had ebooks available for reserving and checking out, I did not know that some titles can also be burned to a cd. I went to our homepage, created an account and reserved a copy of a title that I can burn to a cd when available. Very interesting!


I had a little trouble adding the RSS feed for Sirsidynix to my bloglines account, but eventually succeeded. YEAA!!! Having used many podcasts in the process of accomplishing 23 things, feeling pretty confident that I understand their usefulness.

you tube

As a mom of a teenager, here was some technology I was actually familiar with beforehand:) Wouldn't it be great to create a little video for new customers explaining our services, etc. and have it be part of the registration process. We could be sure that everyone was made aware of the wonderful opportunities and policies at CCPL.

No Cookies in the Library - Classic Sesame Street

This is how we feel some days!